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Building Bridges: Notes from Our Artistic Director

At first glance, this sentence looked like the many “return to in-person” press releases as of late. However, as a music teacher, those words mean so much, especially during these unpredictable times. Going from Zoom to Schools, my favorite moments in class are when a child “fast walks” down the hallway, saying, “I have been waiting for Choir all day! It’s my favorite class!” Another student asks, “what music theory game are we going to play?” while another student wonders, “Can we sing that German / Spanish / Italian song from last week?” The positive impact on each school is evident, with students arriving early and on time, focused, and ready to give their one hundred percent best. We sing; we smile; we learn about the world around us through music. Seeing the children thrive is what makes the work of Detroit Children’s Choir so important, especially during this pandemic.

From our in-school programs in partnership with Detroit Public Schools Community District to our community Civic Choir in the heart of the city, every child or teen feels included in a music program that pushes them to be the best version of themselves. Our students are empowered to create, focus, and be confident in their work. During the week, students sing in rehearsal and also receive private lessons over Zoom, where they learn music theory, pitch matching, and vocal techniques. Detroit Children’s Choir produced Quarter Notes with the DCC with over 100 music theory videos and vocal techniques for additional assistance for our in-school programs.

All of these experiences translated into unique opportunities for our students. This year, Detroit Children’s Choir premiered two virtual choir performances and recorded their first EP, Winter Greetings (available on popular, online music platforms). With the return to in-person learning, I look forward to seeing our students blossom not only as musicians but as students in a post-pandemic world.

Eric Taylor
Artistic Director

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